Dalian, July 28, 2020 – Cloud Delivery of the Second 85,000cbm VLEC

With the cloud signing for delivery, another 85,000cbm VLEC was successfully handed over by DSIC, which is the second carrier to transport ethane from U.S. to China, serving for the Maritime Gas Silk Road.
To achieve this milestone, with all the partners’ contribution, we work together to overcame kinds of difficulties and challenges we had to face, especially the impact of the COVID-2019 epidemic. Since the VLEC was launched at the end of 2019, we have entered the critical stage for final commissioning, however we have encountered the unprecedented impact of the COVID-2019 epidemic. It is the project team of DSIC who have carefully re-arranged the construction plan, overcome all difficulties and strictly implemented it; the efficient communication and coordination among ship owners, classification and suppliers, etc., “CLOUD COMMISSIONING” has been successfully carried out for the key equipment, and the vessel can be delivered on time.

What brings us the confidence to step forward to the future?
With insight into the shale gas development in U.S., JACCAR is committed to build the Maritime Gas Silk Road to bridge the large ethane supply from shale gas in U.S. and the potential demand for ethane as a competitive feedstock for petrochemical production in China.
2.TRUST among all the parties.
Trust makes all construction work to go smoothly in DSIC, the leading Chinese shipyard, with EPC service from JHW together with ECONOVO and CGT, with the Watts Energy manufacturing platform for mega tank, with the combined supervision of Hartmann and Evergas site teams. The trust between all the parties has been established and strengthened, which makes this partnership to be highly competitive in the global gas market to serve more customers.
3. PERFORMANCE of the first VLEC and SATISFACTION of customers
The first 85,000cbm VLEC is chartered by INEOS, and now is shipping ethane from US to feed SP Chemicals cracker facility on the Yangtze River at Taixing. The outstanding operation performance make our customers very satisfied with the safety, environment protection, economy and flexibility, etc. of our semi-refrigerated VLEC with innovative Tri-lobe C-type tank. We believe the second VLEC will just serve the customer as perfect as the first one. We always honor our commitment to customers.
With multi-gas capability, with possible two cargos simultaneous transportation, our VLECs are opening an all new era of flexible trading possibilities.