DALIAN, JULY 18, 2018-Milestones come in pairs for the Maritime Gas Silk Road: launching of the FIRST 85,000cbm VLEC and steel cutting of the SECOND

With the witness by all the guests, the first 85,000cbm VLEC was successfully undocked in DSIC, which will be delivered and ready to be the first carrier to transport ethane from U.S. to China in the first quarter of 2019, serving for the Maritime Gas Silk Road.

Just following the successful undocking of the first VLEC, the steel cutting of the second was celebrated in the workshop of DSIC, which shows our commitment to the VLEC market to build a series of VLEC to feed the ethane transportation market.

The success of the two milestones for these two VLECs relies on the four pillars:

-VISION of JACCAR.  With insight into the shale gas development in U.S., JACCAR is committed to build the Maritime Gas Silk Road to bridge the large ethane supply from shale gas in U.S. and the potential demand for ethane as a competitive feedstock for petrochemical production in China.

-INNOVATION. With the great technical support from Hartmann team, and effort of in-house marine and gas engineering team, the semi-refrigerated solution with innovative Tri-lobe C-type tank design has been successfully applied into these two VLECs, a world first of its kind.

-CHINESE MANUFACTURING. The DSIC, a leading shipyard representing Chinese manufacturing capability, is committed to and capable of delivering the high-quality VLECs on-time, with the support from WOE, which is the unique provider of Tri-lobe C-type mega tank in China. Through building the first VLEC, the trust between DSIC and JACCAR/JHW/WOE has been strengthened as well, which will make the partnership to be highly competitive in the global gas market.

-DARE TO BE THE FIRST ONE. With the insight to the market, with the innovative technical solution, with the believe in Chinese manufacturing capacity, JACCAR/JHW/WOE and our partner (HARTMANN, DSIC, CLASS, etc.) dare to be the first one to make things happen, through unique facility investment, ordering the first innovative VLEC, project execution and soon vessel operation.

With these four pillars, JACCAR is dedicated to build this “Maritime Gas Silk Road” as the echoes with the Belt and Road Initiative of Chinese government, to provide the maritime midstream comprehensive solution for export & transportation service to bridge the resource in US and demand in China.