Jiangsu, DECEMBER 29, 2017-Mega Tank Delivery in WOE for the Maritime Gas Silk Road

The first two mega tanks loading out from WOE today marks the successful construction for the world largest Type C tanks which are customized for the 85,000cbm VLEC, but also the successful application of semi-refrigerated solution with Tri-lobe tank design into the very large size gas carrier for the first time.

The loading capacity of one tank is up to 23,000cbm with the steel construction weight of 1,800 tons, since it adopts the world's most advanced Tri-lobe design which was done by in-house engineering team. Comparing with the traditional bi-lobe tank design, it offers 20% more loading capacity without changing the length and width of the vessel.

The first two mega tanks will be transported to DSIC Offshore for final installation, and the other two tanks for the first 85,000cbm VLEC will also be delivered very soon, while the VLEC will delivered early 2019 for bringing US ethane from shale gas to the ethylene cracker in China.

The successful delivery of these mega tanks also marks the team and the facility of WOE, a new star in the sky of Chinese built gas tanks innovation, is ready to serve customers in the global gas market. WOE is a joint venture invested by Watts Gallop and JACCAR Holdings since May of 2015, and since then, the additional investments were carried out to accommodate mega tanks and other ultra-heavy units manufacturing and installation, which were fully completed before the delivery of mega tanks.

With Greenship Gas, the ship owner; with Evergas, the ship manager and operator; with Hartmann, the technical partner; with JHW, the new EPC(Engineering, Procurement and Contracting) force for gas project; with WOE, the manufacturing platform for mega tanks; with DSIC, the leading Chinese shipyard, JACCAR is going to provide the maritime midstream comprehensive solution-export & transportation service to bridge the resource in US and demand in Asia and Europe. JACCAR is dedicated to build this “Maritime Gas Silk Road” as the echoes with the Belt and Road Initiative of Chinese government.