27,500M³ LNG Carrier

1. The LNG dual fuel propulsion and the optimized ECO hull design will significantly reduce emissions.

2.The ballast water treatment system will protect the sea water environment.
3.The vessels will receive Clean ship notation, Green Passport, EEDI compliance, NOx complianc etc.

Ship Basic Information
Semi-refrigerated carrier

BV I, +HULL, +MACH, Liquefied Gas Carrier - Gas Fuel, Ship Type 2G (-104°C, 0.65 t/m3, 4.5 bar g), Unrestricted navigation, VeriSTAR-HULL DFL 25 years, AUT-UMS, SYS-NEQ, MON-SHAFT, INWATERSURVEY, GREEN PASSPORT, CLEANSHIP

Dimension and Main Data
Length o.a. 178.00 m
Length b.p. 168.40 m
Breadth max. 26.60 m
Depth 17.80 m
Deadweight max. abt. 23,600
Design draft 9.50 m
Speed loaded abt. 16 kn
Crew complement 26

Tank Capacity
HFO abt. 1,000 m³
LNG fuel Tank abt. 2,000 m³
Freshwater abt. 200 m³
Water ballast abt. 7,000 m³

Cargo Capacity
Tank Volume in m³ (100% )
1 abt. 8,500 m³
2 abt. 9,500 m³
3 abt. 9,500 m³
Total abt. 27,500 m³

Propane                    Butylene                    Ethylene
Butane                      VCM                           Ethane
Propane/Butane    Propylene                  Butadiene Ammonia
Methy Chloride      DM

Cargo Pumps
Pumps                                                          Deepwell
Number                                                        6

Cargo Compressor
Number                                                        3

Refrigerant Compressor
Number                                                        2

Cargo Tanks Characteristics
Number of tanks                                         3
Tank type                                                     Independent C type, Bi-lobe, insulated
Construction Material                               9% Ni
Max. Tank Pressure                                   IMO 4.5 bar (g)
Min. design temperature                          -163°C
Max. product density (partial filling)     0.992 kg/dm³